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We are five games into the season and still with no wins. Not as big a disaster as it sounds, we have played some pretty good teams. This week we are up against Annas team Muenster. They also haven’t won a match, so its pretty desperate times for both sides. Heres a few pics and a bit of commentary on each match so far.

VCO Berlin

They are a Junior Academy Team. They have won a few games already, some massive surprises. Plus we lost an outside to an ACL this game, wasn’t the best season opener for us.




Our first away game. These guys have lost no games so far and are playing pretty good volleyball. We had an up and down game, it ended well, we lost in 3 but started to play some good points at the end. It was the first game our second setter was libero (meniscus) she did a really good job for us, but still had no settled lineup.



Second away game , we had played them in pre season and taken sets off them and this is what we expected to do. We had a pretty frustrating game and couldnt quite finish points and lost 3-0. Although we had played some good teams not winning a set for three games makes it hard! No pics from this one cos it was away.


Our second home game. These guys have actually only lost one game until now, but still a team that if we played a really good game against, we can beat. We did play a really good game, and it got to 15-16 in the fifth, we overpassed, I jumped, blocked the ball and the net ref whistled me for a net touch….AHHH. I definitely was not in the net…and thats a big point to call that on. Frustrating way to end a good game that would have been bonus points for us.




Our third away game, they are only 45 mins away from us. Was a Sachsen Derby…they are a very good team, vice champs last yr, winners the yr before, should have probably rolled us 3-0 pretty quick, but we played the best game we have yet in front of 2500 people, and took the third set. The second was oh so close and we had a few set points too, it was good that we didnt die in the third and kept up our game. Was our best game so far and a good one to end it on and prepare for this weeks match against Anna! Wish me luck.




Aussie Aussie Aussie

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