There has been a lot happening lately, and it’s about time for an update. I played the last season with German 1. Bundesliga team, Fighting Kangaroos. We had a disastrous season results wise, with some big long term injuries on the board very early, and with about 7 games left the club announcing the didn’t have the money to continue in first division, regardless of where we finished. For me personally, it was a steep learning curve, and I benefited from playing against some great players and captaining the team. I had a good year and improved a lot, it was a massive shame and a huge disappointment that we didn’t reach our potential as a team, but, it happens.

After a small break I was back into it at AVL. Yet another silver medal, but this time to a strong WA team. Yes, they went 12-0 ;). It was good to be back in Aus, and getting some training in, but a nice break from the twice a day load. National Team camp followed, and as usual it was tough. I have been selected for Asian Senior Champs, and we are off next week. It will be another tough competition, and we are looking for some good results. I’m confident that all our work over the last couple of years will come out to show at this competition. I know I am very excited about it, can’t wait to get there. I hope to hear a lot support for us coming from Australia while we are in Vietnam.

It was a stressful time this year looking for a new team. Global financial crisis not helping much, with a lot of teams very reluctant to sign players early. Things came through for me late August and I signed with a team in the Spanish Superliga. CV Cuesta Piedra. This is a fantastic move for me, and I cant wait to get to my new club. Doesn’t hurt that it’s based in Tenerife…Canary Islands. It will be a big step up and we are getting a strong team together. I fly there directly for Asian Seniors and get straight into it.

Here are some pics from last season and AVL, and a highlight video I put together, a small part of what I sent to teams.




lozciara.jpg crashblock.jpg


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  • December 20, 2009 at 8:54 pm

    Dear Lauren,
    I was just wondering if you could tell me how tall you are. Sorry if this is an odd request but I have a daughter (13, Colleen Mann) who just missed out on selection for the Victorian under 15 team, and she is quite down about it. She is acknowledged by her coaches and other teams’ coaches as being the one of the best setters of her age group, and is also a great server (having recently aced the winning serve in the semi-finals at the resent Aust Schools Cup (her team came first, undefeated all week). It seemed that at the vic trials only the tall girls got selected. Colleen isn’t that small, she will be an averaged sided woman. But she is not a giant. Looking at your photos, it looks like you are not that tall? I just thought if I could tell her about a successful volleyball player that wasn’t a giant, it would boost her moral, and encourage her to try again next year. She is a very hard working girl, always put in 110% and lives for her sport.
    yours Deb


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